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1979 Yamaha TZ250F

247cc Two Stroke Twin
54x54mm Bore and Stroke.
7.8:1 Compression 2x34mm carbs
6speed trans driven via dry clutch 
Weight 235lbs
 From the first TZ250A in 1973 the type enjoyed steady development. In 1976 The C model had disk brakes and Monoshock rear suspension. In 79 a new chassis that was both lower and lighter helped handling and acceleration.
This bike was first owned by Jimmy Chen a notable So.Cal racer who sold the TZ in 1980 to John Matherson a young AMA junior who competed regularly at ASCOT on a 750 twin. John loaded up and headed to Daytona for his first roadrace. He finished a credible 10th on a basicly stock one year old motorcycle. When he got back to the shop we worked in, Mission Yamaha, I volunteered to work on the bike and help him at the races. We had alot of fun that summer. 25yrs later the bike turned up after leaning against a fence in a backyard. I spent a few years cleaning and collecting parts, I've enjoyed restoring this bike and remembering that summer we spent with "our" TZ "Trudy".
Craig Anderson,
Nov 3, 2009, 8:14 PM
Craig Anderson,
Nov 3, 2009, 7:25 PM