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1977 Yamaha TZ-750D

Yamaha TZ-750D 1977 Bore and Stroke is 66.4x54mm x 4cyl. It makes 120hp@11,000rpm. The engine fires both 1+4 then 2+3 if you wanted to know. Compression is 7.3:1 with intake fed through 4 34mm carbs and 6 petal reed valves. The 6speed trans is driven via a dry clutch. The trans is pressure lubricated by an oil pump a first for Yamaha's GP bikes
Weight is 335lbs (=2.79lbs per hp!)
   If you don't know the history of these bikes you either were not around in the 70's and 80's, or lived in a cave. Google the name and you will read about one of the most successful racing bikes ever, the Norton Manx of it's time. Initially a 700cc, it killed tires when ridden hard, later as a 750, tires got better but the chassis couldn't handle the loads and became a real handful when pushed hard. Eventually rear steering a road racer became a new art in GP racing. Very few men could ride these bikes at the limit for very long, those who could are LEGENDS.