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1975 Kawasaki KR-250

54x54.4 BorexStroke disk valve induction through 34mm carbs 50+HP @ 12,000rpm 7 speed transmission 208lbs. This is one of approximately twelve bikes made that year. Raced by Yvonne DuHamel and Ron Peirce and developed by the US factory team for a few years. The single shock and belt drive are unique development changes made by Kawasaki in the US. The chassis was modified to the single shock you see here to improve the routing of the exhaust which originally went up and over the engine exiting on right side through the fairing.

 The early versions of this powerplant were 180 deg cranks. This arraingment had vibration so strong that it would blur the riders vision! This bike was fitted with the later 360deg cranks which were smoother running and also improved power. The team was forced to block off seventh gear due to a rule change by the AMA, it's give and take in the racing game.The use of magnesium parts on this bike, centercases, carburetors and wheels help keep the overall weight down.

The Morris Mag wheel was a great innovation of the time. Both strong and light.

A world champion in the making. This bike ultimately became a real force in the world GP scene in both 250 and 350 classes. After a redesign in 1977 where the crank phase was changed to 360deg.,a new ignition, revised rotary valves,exhaust pipes and larger 34mm carbs brought a better spread of power and now made 55hp. A new chassis featuring Kawasaki's Uni-Trac rear suspension was also introduced in Europe for 1977, some 40 examples were produced in all. Development continued from 77 and a remarkable run of world championships followed in 1978,79,80,81,82.