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1974 Yamaha TA-125's

Yamaha TA-125
 Made available to the "public" in 1973-74. An entry level 125ccGP bike. The bore and stroke is 43mmx43mm and the cylinders are chrome bore. The compression is 7.5:1 and each cylinder is fed by a 26mm carb. The engine produces 24hp @ 12,750rpm. The trans is a 5speed driven via a wet clutch. Weight is 178lbs.
Now for the Story; A friend told me about this guy who was closing his shop and was selling some "old" bikes. I was astounded to find two TA's strapped to a pallet that had been in the rafters for many years, dusty and dirty but all there. Along with a nearly new Penton Jackpiner. The owner said I had to buy'um "all or nothing". Darn tough decision....SOLD.
You see them here in "as found" condition, period mod's and paint. Came complete with leathers and boots. Later Richard and I cleaned one up and we were surprised when it started right up! Watching Richard flash past the drive with a wicked grin on his face was a treat, the neighbors however were not as amused. I left that one alone and am rebuilding the other to run in a few AHRMA events in 2010.
I'm sure a few of you wonder about that Penton, well I sold it for what I paid for the whole lot. The fellow who bought it was so darn happy I felt like Santy Claus on Christmas day!