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1968 Bultaco 250TSS

The primary drive on this bike was by a single row chain, as long as it was changed out regularly it gave no problem. If left in service to long it would fail with case cracking results. The clutch could give trouble if missadjusted or abused. Ginger liked the way these bikes handled but preferred to fit a larger Oldani front brake to save weight and improve braking. He also preferred Girling shocks in the rear.

You might note the empty tach mount. The factory could not fit parts not made in Spain so it was up to the buyer to source a Smiths ARCT tach, but the mount was provided! The rather large exhaust system was designed by Ginger and gives a good spread of power, but is in no way representative of the technology of the time. If you have an original pipe for sale I'd like to have it.

72mmX60mm BoreXStroke 38hp@ 9500rpm 11.75 to 1 comp. 32mm carburetor 6 speed trans. This bike came from the Flying Kiwi, Ginger Molloy. He rode this bike to a 4th place at the Ulster GP of 1968. Thermo-syphon water cooling was an innovation that gave this bike more consistant power throughout the race distance. A revised frame design was introduced this year as well as electronic ignition, a benifit for the roadracer of the time.