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1967 Cotton 250 Telstar

Cotton was founded in 1918 by Frank Willoughby, who patented the "Triangulated" frame for motorcycles. The first complete bike was produced in 1920. By 1960 a range of competition bikes were being built using the Villiers engine. The Cotton Telstar is powered by a Villiers Starmaker engine.The Starmaker had a "square" Bore and Stroke 68X68 and 13:1 compression. It made aprox. 31hp at 7500rpm as delivered. However, careful tuning raised this figure to 35+.This bike has a 6 speed trans, a "factory only" improvement in 1964. One of the notable riders of the Cotton Telstar was Derick Minter, " The King of Brands Hatch"
 Villiers was swallowed up and became part of NVT and stopped supplying engines to any "outside" manufacturers which had the effect of closing many small builders. DOT and James were some of these. Villiers carried on building bikes under the AJS name and produced the "STORMER" series of MX bikes.