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1963/4 DMW 250 Hornet Prototype

HELP! Any information regarding this bike would be most welcome. It is thought to be a prototype "Hornet", one of two produced in 1963. It is rumored to have been in a small(ish) collection / museum somewhere in the UK. The bike is equipped with a Villiers Starmaker power plant, Metal Profile single shock absorber forks and round, not square tube, swinging arm. The Honda front brake is not original but was a popular mod in the day. If you know this bike or have any information regarding it's type please send info to:

The Villiers Starmaker engine was fitted with an Amal GP carb and outboard mounted points. The gear box was the weakest link. Jack Findlay attempted the TT twice on DMW's and sadly broke down both times. Another future star of racing that rode DMW's.....Paul Smart.

The front forks are a unique design seen only on DMW. Which by the way produced the Metal Profile front fork that many manufactures used.

The hub of the rear wheel was also made at the DMW factory, along with Metal Profile forks. The later Hornet racers used square tube swinging arms, a first in the motorcycle industry!